What we do

ISWAN runs SeafarerHelp, the 24 hour helpline for seafarers. ISWAN also runs a series of projects and programmes to establish welfare facilities, services, and structures throughout the world. In South East Asia we have a programme to set up national welfare boards and port welfare committees. We facilitate the channelling of resources to establish and enhance welfare provision in ports.

We train ship visitors around the world to go on board to befriend seafarers, provide advice, and enable them to contact home. So far we have trained over 1000 ship visitors. We also produce and distribute information for seafarers on improving health and preventing diseases such as HIV and malaria. We produce a port directory for seafarers with details of welfare provision and local amenities. Other projects include an online toolkit on seafarers’ welfare and fundraising capacity building for local seafarer welfare organisations.

ISWAN runs an annual international award scheme to recognise excellence in welfare practice and provision – the International Seafarers’ Welfare Awards.

ISWAN also administers grants to 17 seafarer centres around the world on behalf of The TK Foundation. This grant programme funds improvements to facilities, buildings and new equipment. The call for new applications is currently closed.