A four year programme of work arising from the 2007 ICSW seafarers' welfare seminar held in Singapore. This programme addresses seafarers' welfare issues in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, including:

  1. Regional cooperation and networking
  2. Promotion & practical implementation of the ILO instruments on seafarers' welfare
  3. Training
  4. Development & maintenance of facilities and services
  5. Raising awareness and advocacy
  6. Communication
  7. Health & fitness
  8. Ship visiting
  9. Access to ships
  10. Welfare assistance for seafarers and their families

The programme has now been extended for another two years until 31 March 2014. The past four years of the programme are currently being evaluated. The evaluation report will be presented at the next meeting of the Regional Welfare Committee in the autumn.

Regional Coordinator

The regional co-ordinator is Mr I Dewa Nyoman Budiasa and he is based in Bali.

Regional Welfare Committee Meetings

Meeting in Singapore 3-5 October 2011


The South Asia Seafarers' Welfare programme covered Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. It started with a seminar on Chennai in November 2005, and officially concluded with the final assessment meeting in Cochin in May 2010. The aims of the programme (established in Chennai in 2005) were:

1. Regional co-operation and networking.
2. Promotion and practical implementation of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) instruments on seafarers' welfare.
3. Training.
4. Development and maintenance of facilities and services.
5. Raising awareness and advocacy.
6. Communication.
7. Health and fitness.
8. Ship visiting.
9. Access to ships
10. Welfare assistance for seafarers and their families

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Narrative Reports:

December 2008

July 2007 - December 2007

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