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Alassia NewShips Management Inc.

Alassia New Ships Management Inc

Alassia NewShips Management Inc. was founded in 2009. The company offers the full spectrum of ship management services to Owners of vessels that transport dry bulk commodities on a worldwide basis. Our mission is to combine experience with innovation in creating long term relationships with corporate partners who share our commitment to sustainable transportation of commodities.


Believe in our people

Our people and our reputation are our most important assets. Alassia always aims to hire the best qualified and most co-operative personnel, and to motivate, empower and train them continuously.


From a newly-built dedicated office building, and with the help of modern software systems which integrate all departments and all vessels, Alassia’s executives work together to monitor, supervise, and support all vessel and crew operations, always with a view to improve operational efficiency.

At sea

Recognizing the importance and difficulty of our seamen’s job Alassia strives to maintain friendly and open communication with all crew members. We invest in seamen training and development in order to encourage loyalty and ensure motivation.

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