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Anker Crew Insurance is a crew insurance provider for over 110 years. Anker provides maritime employers with insurance solutions for the consequences of illness, occupational disability, death and accidents of their crewmembers. Starting from the idea that people matter most.

Anker Crew Insurance provides insurance cover for crewmembers employed by maritime employers worldwide. We cover the consequences of illness, occupational disability, death and accidents of the crewmembers. Our solutions are tailored to the payment obligations arising from collective and individual employment agreements and local laws and regulations. In addition, we provide solutions in the area of income and care of crewmembers.

Anker Crew Insurance is a brand of Anker Insurance Company.

Our Mission:

As a niche player Anker Insurance Company provides insurances and services for target groups and specialized solutions for non-standard insurances.

Our Vision:

Anker Insurance Company wants to offer accessibility and involvement as an independent insurer. The insurance solutions should be practicable, applicable and market and customer focused. Solutions are developed together with partners and representatives of the customer groups. On the basis of this commitment Anker wants to achieve sustainable cooperative arrangements and relationships with customers. Relationships where people matter most.

Our identity:

Say what you mean and do what you say. The basis for each collaboration, therefore also for providing insurance cover. Work on the basis of trust and reciprocity. Be open and clear.

Show engagement. Be there at times when it matters. From person to person.

That’s Anker: people matter most

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