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From our humble beginnings in 2000 we have over the years grown with our clients/principals into a mature hands-on crewing agent/manager in the Philippines. We foresee this growth to continue but it will always be with the interest of our existing Principals at heart. Currently, we have about 1000 crew onboard different vessels around the world.

From humble beginnings in 2000 we have always grown with the interests of our Principals at heart. It has been a journey with our Principals in which we have learned from each other along the way. Several of our Principals are now self-sufficient in Officers through effective cadet schemes, efficient employment rotation planning, and proper career path development.

We are big enough to provide economies of scale, develop and maintain dedicated pools without losing flexibility to cater for individual requirements of Principals. Our office facility is consciously designed to encourage open communication while keeping a professional atmosphere and a high degree of promotion of the Principal identity.



Trustworthy, credible and reliable partner with integrity


Being responsible and answerable to our actions


Business, Cargo, People, Environment, and Regulations

Together is Better

Collaboration, Teamwork, Getting along with others

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