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Benfield Attorneys and Solicitors ("BAS")is a maritime and shipping law firm based in Lagos, Nigeria. BAS renders legal advice to operators in the maritime and shipping sector.

Benfield Attorneys and Solicitors is a maritime and shipping law firm based in Lagos, Nigeria. We offer a state-of-the-art legal service in Nigeria. We represent international companies with interests in Nigeria. In the area of maritime, we assist ship owners, ship builders and shipyards to register mortgages on Nigerian vessels and vessels under bareboat to Nigerian Charterers. For shipping, we offer comprehensive legal services including charter-party disputes, cargo claims and carriage contracts. We represent operators, charterers and their P&I Clubs, P&I clubs' correspondents, trucking companies, freight forwarders, insurance companies and insurance brokers, marine survey and loss adjusting companies, cargo and marine underwriters, freight forwarders, etc. We render legal advice on bills of lading, contracts of sale, carriage of goods by sea, cabotage and investment in the shipping industry. Our commercial department specialises in loan documentations, syndicated loan agreement,etc with respect to the purchase and acquisition of vessels. For debt recovery with respect to maritime claims and unpaid wages, fees, freight, our success rates are second to none. We assist in the registration of foreign judgments in Nigeria without the usual hassle and delay. We assist in compliance work and due diligence at the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) on Nigerian entities and in all other government agencies, ministries and parastatals. We also carry out trade mark and patent registration with respect to maritime and shipping, litigation and enforcement of maritime claims as defined under the Nigerian Merchant Shipping Act, the Coastal and Inland Shipping (Cabotage) Act, the Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, the Admiralty Jurisdiction Act, the Admiralty Jurisdiction Procedure Rules Act and the relevant, applicable and domesticated international conventions.

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