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At CleverPoint Marine we help shipping companies improve the performance and well-being of seafarers through science and technology. Our technology allows even nonprofessionals to quickly analyze performance-influencing factors and identify mental health risks in an individual. The collected data is used for early detection of burnout, anxiety, mental workload, and cognitive function.

At CleverPoint Marine our priority is the health and safety of all people working in the maritime industry.

Our team of experts, at CleverPoint, have developed an innovative biofeedback-based, virtual reality (VR) technology, where our comprehensive psychophysiological assessment and well-being solutions are designed to detect early risks to mental health and identify an optimal state of mind so as to optimize employee productivity and maintain a sense of wellbeing at all times.

Our proactive strategy is creating healthy lifestyle recommendations and engaging seafarers in personal development activities (through self-monitoring, self-awareness, self-care, and self-development).

Through our technology and assessment programs, we provide personalized well-being and self-development recommendations for seafarers, to improve their work-life balance and mental health, including cognitive abilities and skills to deal with stress and overload.

Through collaboration with shipping companies and organizations, we seek to prevent seafarer burnout, reduce loss of productivity, reduce turnover and further develop seafarer interest in maintaining mental health.

We strongly believe that employee mental health is equivalent to physical health and that mental health is an integral part of all organizational safety. Employee mental health and safety are determining factors in achieving organizational sustainability and prosperity in the maritime industry.

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