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The Diversity Study Group, formed in 2018, is the first organisation dedicated to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging across the global shipping and maritime sectors. Utilising our unique blend of maritime and DEI expertise, we offer global DEI benchmarking, consulting and networking opportunities for all organisations within shipping and maritime.

Our bespoke consultancy services are designed to meet a broad range of criteria that include:

  • DEI strategy development
  • DEI governance
  • Inclusive Leadership programmes
  • DEI awareness raising & colleague cascade
  • Coaching & mentoring
  • Developing in-house capability (HR support / DEI facilitator support)
  • Data and measurement
  • Incorporating DEI into ESG reporting
  • Advisory support

All our work is tailored to our clients needs to ensure we deliver sustainable and impactful DEI programmes aligned to business strategy that foster individual buy in at every level.

The DSG Corporate Membership allows organisations within the maritime sector to measure meaningful DEI data whilst simultaneously benchmarking against other companies in the industry.

Regular networking opportunities facilitate discussions regarding best practice, the challenges of DEI in maritime and what can be done to overcome them.

We also offer learning and development through our DEI Maritime Masterclass series, delivered virtually to ensure anyone who wants to join in can. This includes Executive Coaching to ensure DEI ambitions can be tailored and delivered upon.

We are proud to be DEI Knowledge Partners to Global Maritime Forum, and Founding Knowledge Partners to the All Aboard Alliance, where we collaborate with leaders in the industry to shed light on critical areas for those working ashore and at sea, and to facilitate change.

Our values are Community, Collaboration, Change which are evident through our work at an industry, corporate and individual level to ensure that the maritime industry is one of choice for existing and future employees.

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