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Solutions for the Integrated Ship. Established in 1994, Dualog provides a maritime digital solution which ensures that internet, email and cloud services work reliably and securely onboard. We enable and optimise all the IT services and tools you need for efficient management of your vessels. Our solutions are installed on more than 4000 ships in worldwide trades.

Innovations at sea delivered with passion. Dualog was conceived on the shore of the Arctic Ocean. The company grew out of a research project in close collaboration with the world's northernmost university - the Arctic University. The focus was on providing robust software for reliable data communications in difficult waters. Unique expertise and arctic resilience gave birth to the company renowned for relentless focus on innovation. Dualog enabled transmission of the very first email messages from fishing vessels operating on the edge of the polar ice fields. Constantly pushing the boundaries of technology, the company expanded to become a leading solution vendor to the global shipping industry. Still evolving and growing, Dualog maintains intense customer focus, independence and agility. Being culturally diverse, uniquely competent and empathetic enables Dualog to stay in touch with customers and their real-life challenges. We believe that sea and shore can be brought closer together. Our recognised solutions enable the seafarers to easily stay in touch with their families. It helps the shipping companies to improve its own business. Our purpose: We bring ship and shore closer Our ambition: Dualog on all ships Our personality: Respectful, passionate, reliable, innovative Our promise: Always in touch

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