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EXMAR Ship Management is a leading innovator storing, transporting and transshipping gas and chemicals by sea in both liquefied and gaseous states.


The vessels and units we manage require staff who are not only technically best-in-class, but who also understand our clients’ needs and have the flexibility and skill to deliver. To keep personal contact and open communication between ship and shore, we have organized our company with dedicated Business Units. Every unit has a team with technical, marine, purchasing, crewing and financial colleagues who jointly serve each fleet. We encourage sea staff to regularly work ashore, whilst actively ensuring our shore staff are given the chance to work on board. We also highly value the many long-serving seafarers who permanently join the shore team to apply their practical knowledge and expertise.


In the complex world of LPG and LNG, we have developed specialized services for clients looking to find innovative means of storing, transporting and transshipping gas and chemicals in both liquefied and gaseous states. ESM pioneered the first ever onboard LNG regasification operation (2005), the world’s first commercial ship-to-ship transfer of LNG (2007), as well as the first barge-based on board liquefaction process (2017).Our people constantly innovate in the way assets are managed, often operating in extreme conditions. They manage fully refrigerated and pressurized carriers trading LPG, petrochemicals and ammonia from the hostile conditions of the North Sea to the seasonal stormy waters of the Gulf of Mexico. They supply energy grids with 24/7 quayside LNG regasification on vessels in the heat of Dubai and Port Qasim. They convert conventonial LNG carriers to Floating Storage Units (FSU) fit for freezing temperatures. ESM crews, operates and provides logistical support to remote offshore barges accommodating oil and gas workers in the risk-bound Gulf of Guinea and has entered the specialized field of oceanographic offshore vessel management. ESM is diversifying its fleet under management and its multinational crew’s skill sets. ESM manages a fleet of bulk liquid carriers transporting highly sensitive cargoes of fresh and concentrated fruit juice around the world. Its Indian subsidiary manages a fleet of bulk vessels. ESM has also added an LNG bunkering vessel and a fleet of LPG inland vessel barges to its crew management portfolio.

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