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International Maritime Health Association

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The most representative international organisation of maritime medical professionals with consultative status at the IMO.

The goal of IMHA is to promote the quality of medical services for maritime healthcare and to support high standards of healthcare and safety at sea, to provide a forum for people, ideas, initiatives, research and any question in relation to maritime healthcare.

The Association acts as an information source for other organizations, governments, shipping companies and other professional entities.

To achieve its social purpose the Association strives to achieve :

  • the improvement of health care and the follow up of all employees in the maritime industry ;
  • the encouragement of scientific research in maritime healthcare ;
  • the promotion of the exchange of scientific data and results of research projects ;
  • to provide special and specific know how to prepare reports and directives in relation to maritime healthcare ;
  • the promotion of the development of high quality international medical health care and systems ;
  • to provide assistance in the international coordination of initiatives in relation to maritime health care ;
  • the promotion and facilitation of education and training in maritime health care,
  • cooperation with international organizations (such as the World Health Organization, The International Maritime Organization, the International Labour Office, the ITF, …), governments, shipping companies and professional bodies.

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