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Klaveness Ship Management AS

Klaveness Ship Management

KSM provides full ship management service to a fleet of 16 Combination Carriers to KCC. Our 700 sailors from The Philippines (80%), Romania (15%) and South Africa (5%) are recruited through our owned manning agencies. Retention rate remains at above 90% (2003 - 2022) and ratings/officer are developed through a Manpower Development Program (less fortunate areas) and Cadetship Program. (see webpage)

Torvald Klaveness is a family owned Company established by the late Torvald Klaveness in 1946. Klaveness is a pioneering, data-driven, and safety-oriented shipping company with a vision to improve the nature of shipping. The company is comprised of five business units and a corporate function. The company’s headquarter is Oslo, Norway, with branch locations operating in Singapore, Manila, and Dubai. Our business units are Klaveness Combination Carriers, Klaveness Ship Management, Klaveness Digital, Dry Bulk by Klaveness and Zero Lab. Klaveness believes transparent and good corporate governance drives value creation through aligning stakeholder as well as company interests. At the core of Torvald Klaveness are the values we live by and the vision we pursue. Our values are Craftsmanship, Integrity, Commitment & Curiosity. (see webpage)

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