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KVH Industries, Inc.

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KVH Industries, Inc., is a global leader in mobile connectivity, content, and value-added services delivered via innovative technology designed to enable a mobile world.

KVH develops, manufactures, and provides maritime communication hardware and services worldwide. Founded in 1982, the company has more than a dozen offices around the globe with research, development, and manufacturing operations based in Middletown, RI.

Our product lines include:

  • KVH TracNet™, a hybrid connectivity solution offering satellite, cellular, and Wi-Fi under one dome, with intelligent automatic switching to keep a vessel connected to the best option at all times.
  • KVH TracPhone®, an award-winning VSAT-only connectivity solution.
  • KVH TracVision®, commercial-grade satellite TV helping crew feel connected to home and world events.
  • KVH Link™, the ultimate digital news & entertainment experience for crew wellbeing.
  • KVH AgilePlans® allowing vessels to bring world-class hardware onboard with no CAPEX, subsidized shipping and installation, zero maintenance costs, and a flexible monthly subscription.
  • Value-added services like KVH Managed Firewall, Crew Internet, and Cloud Email to further enhance the efficiency and wellbeing of vessels, captains, and crew.

Connectivity is crucial to crew welfare. KVH strives to support crew welfare for seafarers around the world with a continued focus on connectivity technology, services, and content. We’re proud of our groundbreaking hardware that ensures crews are always connected. We also employ over 65 people dedicated to the technology, writing, and editing of content. This material is constantly refreshed to ensure crew have the very best in information and entertainment, and our KVH Link service features hundreds of news stories, movies, TV shows, music radio and karaoke, social videos, sporting events and stats, and documentaries. We ensure content is tailored to diverse crew populations and designed to keep seafarers engaged and in touch with home, and we offer our content in an array of languages. We recognize the importance of crew bonding onboard and offer sports coverage, karaoke, and movies that are perfect for crew gatherings to meet this need.

At KVH, we keep our fingers on the pulse of seafarer sentiment and play an active role in the maritime community to support crew. We strive to enable shipping companies to evaluate their practices, put actionable processes and technology in place, and ensure crew welfare is the priority it needs to be.

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