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P Ship Systems Ltd.

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P Ship Systems turn ship's evaporated water into an excellent and constantly freshly produced drinking and cooking water, with systems characterized as “Best Practice for Drinking Water“ by three reputable Oil Majors.

Numerous ship owners have realized dramatic benefits from the over 2200 systems already in circulation. Not only do the systems support crew welfare, but the reduction of plastic bottle use helps the environment. These two elements provide distinct ESG advantages to shipowners interested in mariner welfare and sustainability.

P Ship Systems designs, develops, builds, distributes and long-term supports its shipping clients with field-tested and cost-effective marine solutions on fast ROI for the Bridge, Mess Rooms, Engine Room, Galley, etc. Each system treats and produces daily from 380-2.270Ltrs of excellent water, at different water temperatures.

Our success in the marine space is driven by our extensive technical background in ship’s water existing infrastructure, in combination with our deep hands-on field-tested knowledge and experience with onboard water itself and its dynamic elements. We focus on continuous improvement and research methods to develop marine solutions to support crew welfare and to help the environment.

The shipping industry relies upon us to help them meet their sustainability goals and provide fresh drinking water, while managing costs, reducing the environmental impact and over-exceeding industry regulations.

P Ship Systems is poised to deliver and support its systems wherever shipping is concentrated, with systems easy to install, maintain and backed up by full documentation and long-term unique dedicated support by trained personnel, based on a ticketing system. With different key shipping warehouse locations.

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