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Protec Marine Solutions PTE Ltd

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Protec Marine Solutions PTE Ltd, is a broad-based multi-platform Marine Assessment and Safety Training Company based in Singapore.

The Company has been operating for three years and has an International client base, providing cutting edge tools for the evaluation of competency skills and personality evaluations and specialised Safety training during the assessment coaching process. At Protec Marine Solutions we truly believe that the wellbeing and safety of all Seafarers is a top priority. This fact alone underpins our burning desire to ensure every Seafarer we train, and coach understands what it means to care for themselves and their ship mates when it comes to personal safety. The Protec motto is “YOU COME FIRST - WE PROTEC” which is a solid foundation on which the company was formed, simply we care for Seafarers wellbeing and the fundamental right to go home safely to their families and friends.

Protec Core Values:

To prioritise the health and safety of all our client's employees.
To act honestly and honourably without compromise.
To embrace new creative solutions and innovative ideas for the protection of human life and the environment they control.
To produce services that will impact on the lives of all seafarers

Protec Vision

At Protec Marine Solutions, delivering a quality service to our clients in a professional and dedicated manner is our ultimate vision. Protec Marine Solutions constantly provides Gold Standards in Marine inspection services and Safety Training worldwide. Protec Marine Solutions ensures that we will continuously work with our clients in an open and transparent manner, gaining respect and confidence which in turn will ensure sustainable success for everyone. AT PROTEC WE FOCUS ON PROTECTION OF YOUR HUMAN ASSETS.

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