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Seafarers Social Service Oldenburg

Seafarers Social Service Oldenburg

We offer all seafarers - regardless of their origin, religion or worldview - a home on the go.

Based on our many years of experience, looking after seafarers is a matter close to our hearts. We are there for seafarers when they need us - we offer seafarers the opportunity to spend their free time away from the ship and relax all year round. Our focus is on people.

Our aim is not only to offer leisure activities, but also to offer our support far from home with advice of all kinds. In close cooperation with the seafarers' union ITF, we help with legal problems such as unpaid wages or poor conditions on board.

That’s why humanistic pastoral care is important to us. Whether in confidential conversations, help with family conflicts or during hospital visits: our trained humanistic pastors primarily listen, encourage and help.

Our employees are professionally experienced seafarers.

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