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Seafarers Social Service Oldenburg

Seafarers Social Service Oldenburg

The Humanist Association (HV) was founded in 1848 and has been a corporation since 1927 of public law.

It currently has over 2,100 members and, including its companies, employs over 400 people. The organizational structure follows the dual management principle. It is dated to the outside Represent the full-time executive board, which is also responsible for managing the corporation. A honorary presidium, which is elected by the general assembly, acts as a supervisory body.

The HV stands for an ethic of secular humanism and is a member of the European Humanist Federation (EHF) and the Humanists International, the advisory voices in the Bodies of the UN, UNESCO and the Council of Europe. Secular humanism includes the law and the responsibility of all people to determine their own life, the personality freely and in to develop social responsibility.

The HV currently operates 20 Kindergarten across Germany, one student residence hall and one private state-approved humanistic elementary school (incl. after-school care center).

It operates some sponsorships through a subsidiary, the Humanist Social Work Bavaria GmbH. The HV is also involved in youth work and in education and culture.

In addition, the HV runs a special educational youth group. In several cities they each have a seat on the child and youth welfare committee.

The HV conveys its value and convictions in the school subject “Humanistic Lessons”, which is recognized as a regular subject in Bavaria. More information on the humanistic Association can be found in German language at

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