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Tai Chong Cheang Steamship Co. Ltd.

We are the owners of a fleet of 7 tankers (including 4 Aframax and 3 VLCCs) and 10 Bulkers.

TCC was founded in Shanghai in 1917 as Tai Chong Hsiang Company, a customs brokerage firm that rendered services in connection with the import and exports of goods from entry and clearance documentation to issues on tariff and taxation. From our first baby steps into shipping in the 1920’s, when we owned and operated a fleet of passenger and general cargo vessels plying the coast of China and the Yangtze River to the 2.5 million deadweight tons of large bulk carriers and tankers plying the oceans of the world, we have never strayed from the core values and principles instituted by TCC's founder, the late Mr. C.S. Koo, which is building a reliable and solid enterprise with shipping as its core business, and run in a way that reflects uncompromising standards of quality management and treating all our staff – shipboard or shorebased – and customers as “family” through caring, honouring and respecting them as we would for our own family members.

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