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Over 30 years of experience in tanker Management.“TMS Tankers Ltd” operates in accordance to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 Standards for Env. & Energy Mgt. Systems.

TMS Tankers Ltd. is a member of the Cardiff Group with offices in Athens, Greece. TMS Tankers Ltd. is staffed by dedicated and experienced professionals providing comprehensive ship management services, safety, quality and environmental compliance as well as supervision of maintenance, inspections and repairs, crew management and training including operations, post-fixture administration, accounting, freight invoicing and insurance.

The Company promotes the concepts of health, safety and environmental excellence and expects all employees from the top management to every seafarer serving on board to participate in the effort to achieve and sustain long-term improvements towards a state of excellence.

TMS Tankers Ltd. has set as a priority to provide high quality and environmental safe marine transport, adding value to our customers, employees and the community as a whole through:

  • Committing ourselves, to the highest safety, quality and ethical standards.
  • Contributes to global and local economic development, fueling growth and stability.
  • Running and maintaining our vessels to the highest operational and safety standards by continuously improving our management system and applying shipping industry best practices.

The Company is bound to conduct its business in an honest and ethical manner and therefore operates an Ethics Policy.

Our Code of Ethics is based on the Company’s beliefs and values, reflecting its commitment to honesty and integrity.

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