Man Without a Nation

January 07, 2013

The documentary film, ‘Man Without a Nation’ has been selected to be screened at the SCRIPT International Short Film Festival 8-9 February 2013 in KOCHI.

‘Man Without a Nation’ presents a real-life story that has made headlines in India and around the World. Born and orphaned in Myanmar, and raised in Thailand, Aung Soe worked as a fisherman until his vessel was captured by Somali pirates in 2010. Aung Soe was held captive for eight months, tortured and forced to serve his captors.

Aung Soe’s ordeal ended when he noticed an Indian Naval vessel and jumped ship. But without papers Thailand and Burma have not accepted him back. So for over a year he lived confined to quarters in Kochi police station, until one day he made a request to go and watch a film…this was the last anyone saw of him.

The moving story of ‘Man Without a Nation’ was produced with support from V. Manoj Joy (Director of Sailors Helpline); K. Sree Kumar (Assistant Secretary of Madras Port Trust Employees’ Union and ITF Inspector) and journalist Prasanth Kanathur.

View ‘Man Without a Nation’

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