Information Resources on Ebola for Maritime Organisations & Seafarers

October 21, 2014

Below is a list of useful resources that are relevant to seafarer welfare organisations, seafarers, and other maritime bodies. These resources will be updated on a regular basis.

Updated 31 October 2014

International Maritime Organisation information on the ebola virus. The information is aimed at governments, shipping companies, and ports although more information relevant to seafarers is being added.

International Chamber of Shipping information on ebola. The page is aimed at anyone in the maritime world seeking uptodate information on the ebola virus. The page contains a database with actions taken by port states on ebola

World Health Organisation information on ebola. This contains information on individual countires and a fact sheet on ebola

Very useful information for seafarers from Nautilus International, a seafarers' union

Visual guide to Ebola precautions on ships

Useful video aimed at business travellers but relevant to seafarers

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