Day of the Seafarer 25 June 2015

April 28, 2015
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On June 25, we will celebrate the fifth Day of the Seafarer. This day was instituted by the International Maritime Organization to recognise the importance of seafarers for our world. The Day of the Seafarer provides a great opportunity to raise awareness about life at sea, but also engage and grow support for seafarers' welfare.

For this year's day of the seafarer we are proposing that seafarer welfare organisations around the world :

1. Share, promote or create social media content promoting the Day of the Seafarer. Using your own material, but also that created by the IMO, NAMMA, ICMA and other strategic partners, we hope to contribute to making the Day of the Seafarer a seafarers' welfare 'event' online.

2. Organise and promote 'day of the Seafarer' events at all seafarer centres. Possible events could include an 'open house', inviting the local community to meet with seafarers. You could also invite the local mayor, elected representatives, and local press. The event can be used to promote the work of the seafarer centre and win new supporters Events do not need much planning or budget, but should connect local communities with the realities of seafaring life in some meaningful way!

Let us know what are you doing and we will add it to the global map.

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