Introducing Eidesvik, Winner of Shipping co of the Year Award 2015

January 04, 2016
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Introducing Eidesvik, Winner of the Shipping Company of the Year Award 2015.

The award is bestowed upon the shipping company, or ship management company that has done the most to provide the highest quality of welfare services for seafarers.

Who is Eidesvik?

Eidesvik is a shipping company based in Bømlo, Norway. It owns and operates 28 vessels and trades worldwide. The categories for these vessels are Offshore Supply Vessels, Special Purpose Ships and Seismic Vessels.

What services are provided for seafarers by the company?

Eidesvik offers a range of free leisure activities for seafarers, encouraging them to exercise more. Since 2007, they have run an exercise programme with incentives to reach different levels. All vessels have an up-to-date gym, and the company organises annual cycling and football tournaments which are open to all seafarers. They also offer free holiday accommodation in Norway, Spain and Turkey for seafarers and their families.

Free internet and television is available in all cabins and day rooms, and seafarers have free telephone access. Eidesvik also offers scholarships.

What support is provided for the families of seafarers by the company?

Family members have access to the company intranet for information. The company offers an extended insurance package to include family members, and sends flowers to all families with seafaring family members at sea during Christmas.

What does winning mean to Eidesvik?

Terje Sagebakken, HACQ Vice President of Eidesvik "It's a great honour for Eidesvik... The seafarer is our most valuable resource [and] asset... We have always, since the company has been founded 50 years ago, supported our seafarers and have strived to give them the best working environment we can... We feel that seafarers are well taken care of within our company, and it's a great honour for us to have been nominated."

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