ISWAN Encourages Seafarers to Keep Fit

January 18, 2016
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Since 2013, ISWAN has run a fitness and training programme specifically designed for seafarers, called Training on Board. The aim is to encourage seafarers to develop their strength, endurance and flexibility while on board, by providing workout plans devised by a professional physiotherapist. These plans can be performed with little or no equipment. Seafarers are also encouraged to keep track of their progress by logging their activities on their account.

Training on Board then spurs seafarers on further by encouraging them to get their crew members involved, and to compete against other ships. The site calculates their scores and shows a scoreboard of the top competing ships.
Training on Board is based on a points system, therefore every time a user records an activity, such as running for thirty minutes or skipping for ten, they gain points. The average score per participant is then recorded in order to compare with other vessels' scores. This system allows smaller crews to compete against larger vessels without finding themselves at a disadvantage.

The site also encourages seafarers to measure their resting heartrate and waist circumference and to be more generally aware of various indicators of health. Training on Board calculates its users' fitness age, and then seafarers can monitor its improvement over time and with regular exercise. ISWAN aims to empower seafarers to exercise independently or as part of a team and to break away from an increasingly sedentary lifestyle.

ISWAN is currently developing the information available on the site, by adding extra tips and workout plans, and by launching a monthly newsletter packed with fitness information for seafarers.

If you have any queries, please email or visit the Training on Board website.

Training on Board is funded by the ITF Seafarers' Trust.

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