ITF applauds granting of shore leave to Hanjin crews

October 18, 2016


The ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) today applauded the granting of shore leave to the crew of the Hanjin Seattle on its arrival at the port of Seattle, USA.

The denial of shore leave to Hanjin crews was highlighted by a spontaneous action of dockers at the same port last month, and by ITF inspectors in the USA (see

ITF seafarers’ section chair Dave Heindel commented: “This decision is an immense relief to the affected crew and we trust that it will apply to all Hanjin crews with bona fide visas who want to avail themselves of their basic right to step ashore.”

He continued: “We are all glad that this problem has been addressed and look forward to further discussions with the US authorities on welfare issues such as these; in particular on ensuring that international standards are met.”

Mr Heindel concluded: “Meanwhile the basic needs of Hanjin crews to receive pay, food and water continue to be addressed by a coalition of the Korean government, our member union the FKSU (Federation of Korean Seafarers’ Unions) and the Korean Shipowners’ Association. We are glad to be able to continue to report that Hanjin crews remain in good spirits and hopeful of the prospect of further employment.”

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