Returning to sea after captivity

December 05, 2016
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Jakir Hossain, one of seven Bangladesh seafarers captured on the ship Albedo, tells the story of rebuilding his life after three years and seven months of being held hostage in Somalia.

I am Mohamed Jakir Hossain from Bangladesh. I was captured by Somali pirates and spent almost four years as a hostage. I was released on the 6th June 2014. After the release I was mentally and physically sick. It took about five or six months to recover from my depression. I did not find that there was much practical help available to me, and I did not understand how I could recover from this situation. In those bad days MPHRP came as a light in the situation. I was unable to imagine that I would ever go back to sea again. But MPHRP supported me mentally and financially. Then I started to study for the marine engineering officer Class 3 exam. For this I was supported by funds donated by Seafarers UK.

Now I have finished all my exams except for one written and oral exam. I also need to complete some short courses, and again MPHRP have supported my claim and I have received further funding this year, and I expect to be able to go back to sea again in 2017. When I am back at sea I will no longer need financial help, and can provide for my family.

The piracy did not only affect me. During the captivity in Somalia, my family faced a lot of problems. They were also mentally depressed, and physically ill because of the stress. My parents have still not recovered. After I came back home I had no money for the treatment of my parents. I told Chirag Bahri who was in contact with me, and he presented my case to the Sailors Society. They came to help us, and gave money for my parents’ treatment, which cost USD 500 per year. Now I am very happy because with this money I have been able to arrange good treatment for my parents.

MPHRP wishes to thank Seafarers UK and the Sailors Society for the funds they have given to help the survivors of piracy and their families, and particularly for the assistance to Jakir and his parents.

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