Women at Sea - Katerina's Story

July 13, 2016
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ISWAN asked to hear from women seafarers about their experiences. Female seafarers make up 2% of seafarers worldwide, and sometimes have the challenging task of dealing with gender stereotypes as well as the demanding life on board . We asked via Facebook and Twitter for stories, and Katerina kindly agreed to tell us hers. If you want to be featured, please email We'd love to hear experiences from seafarers everywhere.

I come from Greece and particularly from Kos beautiful island, located in the southeastern Aegean. I am studying at Merchant Marine Academy and working as an Apprentice Officer in one of the largest shipping groups in the Mediterranean, the Attica group. I work on ships in the last two years. So far I have received full support during my training trips from the all the bridge teams that I have worked by far.

Nevertheless a difficulty faced by the majority of women working on ships is sexist attitudes by some colleagues as well as the fact that they consider women unreliable and not able to complete the work assigned to them. To all women who work on ships , I would say to continue their efforts, close their ears to the malicious comments and continue the good work to prove to everyone how much deserve their position.

Otherwise,I believe that women can be work at ships as a man can. The work is not man or woman but love. If you love your job, you 'll be succesful.


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