Women at Sea - Panagiota's Story

July 18, 2016
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ISWAN asked to hear from women seafarers about their experiences. Female seafarers make up 2% of seafarers worldwide, and sometimes have the challenging task of dealing with gender stereotypes as well as the demanding life on board . We asked via Facebook and Twitter for stories, and Panagiota kindly agreed to tell us hers. If you want to be featured, please email We'd love to hear experiences from seafarers everywhere.

I am Panagiota. I come from Greece,especially Peloponisos from a small village nearby the sea. From my early age I decided to follow the sea. Today, I am a 3rd officer from Merchant Marine Academy. I would like to tell you my story.

I am at sea 10 years now. I first started in ro/ro & cruise ships as a sales assistant. Then I joined merchant marine academy and the journey begins. Now ,after tankers,bulk carriers,and container vesels I may say this.."This job is only for those they love it ,despites the sex type. The job is not so easy but not so difficult as it is said. I have travelled around the world, I visited so many places, I now have friends from around the world. My heart pains when I leave my family but also I am happy when I see the sunset around the world.
I love what I do. I encourage younger people to continue even the situations sometimes coming rough.
Besides, if you dont leave the port you never see how is outside...

"Από τότε που κουράστηκα να ψάχνω,
έμαθα να βρίσκω. Κι από τότε που ο άνεμος μου εναντιώθηκε, έμαθα να
σαλπάρω με όλους τους ανέμους..."


"Since I was tired of looking, I learned to find. And since the wind opposed me, I learned to sail with the winds"

Fr. Nietzche

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