ITF Seafarers’ Trust launches new version of Shore Leave app for seafarers

November 03, 2017
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The ITF Seafarers’ Trust has launched a new version of its Shore Leave app for seafarers, with features designed to encourage seafarers to visit their local seafarer centres and have more fun using the app.

One new feature enables seafarers to enter a raffle each time they visit a seafarers’ centre, which has a QR code specific to the centre or location. Seafarers scan the code with the app to receive an electronic raffle ticket and a winner will be selected from all the entrants every four months – the first winner will receive an iPad.

The app also includes a map system which can be used either while the user is online or downloaded and used offline. Seafarers can post pins on the map about places of interest such as sports facilities, bars and even bus stops in order to share their recommendations with others visiting that particular port or city.

More customisation options have been added to the app so that seafarers can upload a profile photo and keep track of their carrier on board, adding the name of the ship they are sailing with, their rank, and where and when they sign on or off.

Shore Leave was first launched in 2014 as the very first app specifically developed for seafarers. The aim was to collect the contact details of all seafarers’ centres in an app, knowing that most seafarers cannot rely on an internet connection. The app, once downloaded, functions offline and all the contacts are stored in seafarers’ phones. This makes them easily accessible at any time so that seafarers can always call for a bus to give them a ride to the seafarers’ centre, mall or nearby city.

The Shore Leave app can be downloaded on Google Play for Android and the App Store for iOS devices.

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