Second Good Mental Health Guide translated into five additional languages

October 18, 2018
Psychological Wellbeing at Sea

Seafarers can limit the risks of working at sea and keep fit, healthy and happy by taking care of their wellbeing.


ISWAN’s second self-help guide for seafarers, Psychological Wellbeing at Sea, is now available in five additional languages.

The guide is the second in our series of three Good Mental Health Guides for Seafarers, which was shortlisted in the Best Crew Welfare Programme/Campaign category of the Safety at Sea Awards 2018. Using evidence from the field of Positive Psychology, Psychological Wellbeing at Sea provides seafarers with straightforward, practical tips on how to enhance their wellbeing despite the many challenges of life at sea.

Psychological Wellbeing at Sea is now available in Filipino, Hindi, Russian, Chinese and Spanish in addition to the original English version. An Arabic translation will also become available in the near future. All the translations, along with the rest of the Good Mental Health Guides series, can be downloaded here or on the SeafarerHelp website.

The guide was written by Consultant Clinical Psychologist Dr. Pennie Blackburn and sponsored by the Shipowners’ Club.

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