Promoting seafarers’ mental wellbeing in Chennai

January 30, 2020
Chirag at seminar

Our Regional Director in South Asia, Chirag Bahri, recently spoke about seafarers’ mental wellbeing at New Shipping Kaisha Ship Management’s annual seminar in Chennai.

Senior management and local representatives attended the seminar on 24 January 2020, which laid out the company’s policies on enhancing the wellbeing of its seafarers.

Chirag highlighted the need for seafarers to be aware of mental wellbeing at sea. Seafarers face unique challenges and need to look after not just their own mental health but that of their colleagues too. Chirag shared statistics from P&I clubs and recent studies which show growing concerns around the issue of social isolation and poor connectivity with loved ones at home. He advised that social interaction on board should be encouraged and signposted the audience to ISWAN’s Good Mental Health Guides for seafarers.

Finally, Chirag emphasised to delegates that there is no harm in speaking about mental health concerns with their subordinates, and that New Shipping Kaisha Ship Management must have a policy which encourages seafarers to share any ongoing concerns. The company appreciated the presentation and thanked ISWAN for its contribution to the seminar.

While in Chennai, Chirag also met with the Deputy Chairman of the Chennai Port Trust, Cyril George, to discuss the establishment of port welfare committees. Mr. George reaffirmed his commitment to work closely with port stakeholders to provide welfare support to visiting seafarers.

ISWAN's Chirag Bahri with the Deputy Chairman of the Chennai Port Trust, Cyril George
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