Socialising at sea

July 07, 2020
A9 Vincent Dwight Rafil
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We are in the second week of our Connecting Crew campaign, and today we are sharing ideas for crew members on how to give the social life on board a boost.

Connecting with those around you can benefit the wellbeing of everyone on board. At a time when many seafarers have had their contracts extended or are stranded on their vessels and unable to get ashore due to the COVID-19 pandemic, keeping morale up and pulling together for support has never been more important.

It can be difficult to organise group activities when everyone on board is busy and working shifts. Electing a social chair or hub creates a point of contact for the whole crew to collect suggestions and organise communal events.

Every crew is different and some activities may work better than others on your vessel. Here are some suggestions:

Active crew who want to keep fit?

Try: Competitions like group sports or timed exercise events

© John Darrell M Jives

Bored crew who need a mental challenge?

Try: Quiz nights, study/hobby groups to learn a new skill or language, or multi-player computer games

© Ricardo Javier Finol Soto

Sociable crew who need to unwind?

Try: Social events like karaoke and board games

Multinational crew?

Try: Cultural celebrations or religious feasts to introduce crewmates to food, music and entertainment from your home country

© Maksym Gapchuk

Tired crew who just want to relax?

Try: Movie screenings on board

Not everyone will want to join in, but don’t be discouraged if only a small number want to be involved at first. Investing in building these connections will have a positive impact on your wellbeing and theirs, and word will spread on board if your events are a success!

If you are concerned about anything on board, you can contact SeafarerHelp – our free, confidential, multilingual helpline available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Visit for all the contact details you need, including Live Chat.

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