ISWAN 2022 Seminar: Meet our Gold Sponsor, Part 2 - Bahri Ship Management

November 11, 2022
Capt Yasser Hashem

Ahead of our 2022 Seminar next week, themed: ‘The importance of social interaction for seafarers’ wellbeing’, we spoke to Capt. Yasser Hashem at Bahri Ship Management to find out why Bahri chose to partner with us for this event and what this year's theme means to them.

Capt. Yasser Hashem is the Director of Fleet Personnel at Bahri Ship Management. Capt. Yasser is a highly proficient master mariner and an ex-marine/harbour pilot with over two decades of sailing experience. He heads the Fleet Personnel Department and oversees the Manning, Scheduling, Training, and Performance of over 4,000 seafarers. Capt. Yasser holds a Master license and a PhD in Maritime Law and Governance. His role plays a big part in keeping the fleet operation smooth and transforming the company’s vision into reality. He has been among the Saudi Arabia delegates in international events including the International Maritime Organization.

Welcome, Capt. Yasser! Please tell us a bit about your company.

Bahri, otherwise known as The National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia, was established by Royal Decree in 1978. Over the four decades since its establishment, Bahri has grown from a small shipping company with a fleet of four multi-purpose vessels into one of the largest transport companies in the world.

Today, we own and operate in-house an extensive fleet of tankers, dry bulkers, and Rocons and we are proud to be considered as a leader in the maritime industry. Bahri provides its portfolio of services through an integrated network of global operations facilitated by over 4,000 employees who are committed to meeting the needs of our customers. We are always keen to provide pioneering sea, land and air services that offer added value by effectively utilizing the latest global technologies.

Our Vision is to create value and share prosperity by connecting economies through excellence in global logistics solutions with a mission to be the best service provider, operating to world-class standards. We are relentless in applying responsible business fundamentals. We shall incorporate sustainable capabilities to provide fit-for-purpose solutions for our business partners and stakeholders, based on our values, to achieve mutual benefit.

We are delighted that Bahri is the Gold Sponsor for the ISWAN 2022 Seminar this November. Why did you choose to sponsor this event?

Bahri Ship Management was one of the early signatories of Neptune Declaration 2021 and we have been dedicated to protection and the welfare of seafarers. With a diverse and dynamic workforce comprising over 4,000 offshore & onshore employees spanning over 35 different nationalities, we focus on maximizing safety, quality, & reliability along with effective operations.

In an industry that can be harsh, we at Bahri Ship Management value our seafarers and consider them the backbone of our success and ISWAN’s vision to improve the lives of seafarers and their families falls right in line with our values when it comes to embracing work/life balance to our seafarers and their wellbeing.

Our seminar theme this year is ‘The importance of social interaction for seafarers’ wellbeing’. Why do you think crew wellbeing should be a priority for shipping and ship management companies?

Tough times are no stranger to the seafarers and without a doubt many countries are facing difficulties attracting young generations into seafaring careers. People of those countries are no longer willing to take up a career at sea.

The industry needs urgent actions to recover and overcome the shortage of merchant seafarers and secure its need with a well-trained and a highly competent seafarers in a short period of time. Ideally this can only be achieved with a mind set on Human Element and Capacity Building.

Promoting seafarers’ welfare harmonizes with majority of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals: No poverty, Zero hunger, Good health & wellbeing, Quality education, Clean water & sanitation…etc. Hence, we at Bahri Ship Management believe in investing in seafarers’ wellbeing to enjoy and grow their career at sea.

How does Bahri promote and protect the wellbeing of its crew?

To start with, it is worth mentioning that the majority of the top and middle management team of Bahri Ship Management are ex-seafarers who have a deep understanding of the seafarers’ life.

The top management team of Bahri Ship Management interact closely with the crew members and their families during its international crew seminars and conferences. We run various campaigns focused on crew wellbeing and mental health.

Additionally, we have assigned a dedicated Welfare Committee onboard with additional funds to support the wellbeing of crew on board. As well as a dedicated crew and family coordinator in the office, and provided a 24/7 mental wellbeing support hotline to the crew on board our fleet.

Bahri Ship Management takes its crew welfare to the next level by providing an unlimited free Wi-Fi, high feeding rate, extra manpower, a well-equipped gym and modern entertainment systems to keep our seafarers mentally and physically healthy and happy.

Bahri Ship Management is considered among the top employers in the industry due to its competitive wages, intensive bonuses, performance bonuses, seniority awards. Our vessels are registered under ITF special agreements and provided our crew with ITF affiliated CBAs.

When it comes to training, during the last year our crew undergone around 94,000 Training hours, 200 cadets were trained on board, provided various value-added courses, and computer-based training, as well as crew mental health training with ISWAN.

Bahri Ship Management has also participated in ISWAN's Social Interaction Matters (SIM) Project.

Why do you think social interaction on board is important for crew wellbeing?

The seafarers’ life is a complex life, and it affects their work performance. Therefore, we are obliged to ensure that the seafarers enjoy adequate standards and decent working conditions. Social interaction on board has a great impact that promotes happier seafarers and it takes their mind away from stressful work and loneliness.

What are your hopes for joining us in Rotterdam for the ISWAN 2022 Seminar? Is there anything in particular you hope to achieve from attending?

On behalf of Bahri Ship Management and personally as an ex-seafarer, I would like to thank ISWAN for their continuous support to the seafarers and their families, and we are delighted and rather thrilled to sponsor ISWAN’s seminar, and join them on their mission to emphasize on importance of social interaction for seafarers’ wellbeing.

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