ISWAN 2023 Seminar: Meet our Gold Sponsor - Roll Group

October 30, 2023
Interview Roll Group

Ahead of the ISWAN 2023 Seminar next month, we spoke to Winfred Nugteren, Manager of Crewing at Roll Group, to find out why Roll Group wanted to be our Gold Sponsor and what this year's theme means to them.

Welcome, Winfred! Please tell us a bit about Roll Group.

Roll Group takes care of heavy cargo both on land and at sea worldwide. This exceptional combination of transportation and installation capabilities enables us to offer complete ‘Factory to Foundation’ solutions. Roll Group offers an innovative fleet of highly adaptable transport vessels. Our five dock-type vessels have the option of three loading modes - Float-In/-Out, Lift-On/-Off, Roll-On/-Off - or a combination, which allow them to adapt to a variety of situations and circumstances. Our three Module Carriers are specifically designed to deliver the heaviest modules and equipment.

We are delighted that Roll Group is the Gold Sponsor for the ISWAN 2023 Seminar this November. Why did you choose to sponsor this event?

We joined ISWAN in 2023 and this is our first attendance at an ISWAN seminar. This is a great way of introducing ourselves to the other members. Also, we see the world of shipping is changing. The COVID-19 pandemic has proven this. This pandemic had a huge influence on the wellbeing of seafarers and still has aftereffects. We are actively working on the importance of the wellbeing of our seafarers, by promoting SeafarerHelp, granting shore leaves on our costs, providing medical assistance all over the world, but also with adjusting the contract period of the seafarer when needed on request of the seafarer.

Our seminar theme this year is: ‘Addressing the maritime recruitment crisis: Seafarer wellbeing in a changing world’. Why do you think this is an important subject for the maritime sector to tackle?

Roll Group is, like most shipping companies, facing issues with recruitment of seafarers. Where a few years ago we sailed with only Dutch male and female officers and Filipino ratings, we are now days sailing with international officers. What we see is that, luckily, a lot of seafarers are happy to sail with us. But the stories that I hear from some seafarers who sailed with other shipping companies are worrying me most. All shipping companies worldwide are together one of the most important employers in the world. If we want to stay in business, we need to improve the wellbeing of seafarers together, structurally.

What are your hopes for joining us in Helsinki for the ISWAN 2023 Seminar? Is there anything in particular you hope to achieve from attending?

Let’s share practices and ideas. Learn from each other. And network with ISWAN members, to reduce the step to contact each other in case a member would like to seek support or discuss ideas.

Registration is still open for the ISWAN 2023 Seminar in Helsinki, taking place on 16 November 2023. Secure your place here and find out more on our Event Hub.

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