Members of the Month: April 2023

April 27, 2023
MOTM Apr 2023

At its heart, ISWAN is a membership organisation and we are proud to have a network of over 80 members who are committed to improving the lives of seafarers worldwide.

Our members reflect the diversity present in the shipping industry today, from shipping companies to unions and insurance groups to welfare organisations, and bring a wealth of experience.

This month, our Members of the Month are Amoretti Armatori Group and Jebel Ali International Seafarers Centre.

Amoretti Armatori Group

© Amoretti Armatori

1. WHO are you?

AMORETTI ARMATORI GROUP – The company’s history is associated with its founder Odoardo Amoretti (1921-2008), his intuition, his firmness of purpose and his farsightedness. The company has its origin in the 40s with the activity of road haulage, soon followed by transportation by river and by sea. Under his direction and his guidelines, the company expanded and in the 9Os, when the signals of a new awareness regarding environmental protection and pollution prevention began to emerge, was on the first on the world to build double-hull tankers. Today the company, under the management of the Amoretti family, is faithful to opening up new horizons.

2. WHAT do you do and why is seafarers' welfare important to you?

The company recognizes seafarers as a fundamental element for reaching the objective which have been established in terms of Safety, Environmental Protection and Personnel Health. We recognize that employee retention is one of the most imperative targets to be achieved also through crew welfare and we encourage and support the condition to create a safe and good working atmosphere on board through several initiatives for their wellbeing.

3. WHY are you a member of ISWAN?

Amoretti Armatori Group firmly believes in its employees as the company’s most valuable resource and crew welfare is essential to achieving the company goals. The present social and work environment requires a more focused approach on crew wellbeing. We have recognized in ISWAN’s organization and their projects the same values as ours, and for that reason we have started our active cooperation with them to support ISWAN campaigns like the SIM Project (Social Interaction Matters) to offer seafarers onboard an important support to their social activities and their wellbeing, and mental health support through ISWAN’s 24-hour helpline.

Jebel Ali International Seafarers Centre

1. WHO are you?

Jebel Ali International Seafarers Centre – we are located in Jebel Ali Port, the hub for all major ship operators, and are responsible for facilitating the services and best environment to support the seafarers’ society. Jebel Ali International Seafarers Centre focuses on highlighting, encouraging, and providing a safe work environment on and off-board. In addition, the centre offers outstanding facilities and services with international standards that seafarers need and want.

2. WHAT do you do and why is seafarers' welfare important to you?

For us at DP World, ports and terminals are doorways to smarter, efficient, and secure global supply chains. Our flagship Jebel Ali Port is a premier gateway for over 80 weekly shipping services, connecting more than 150 ports worldwide. Alongside other professionals, seafarers are helming operations at our ports, making sure all runs smoothly, even when faced with crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of this, it’s important that their mental and physical wellbeing is looked after.

This is why, while we continue expanding operations, we firmly believe that it is essential to continue focusing our energies on serving and safeguarding the interests of seafarers. To this end, as an organisation, we are working independently and in collaboration with other industry players to build a stronger and more structured support network for these frontline workers.

We have showcased our support for the seafarer community through the Jebel Ali International Seafarers Centre. Since its relaunch in 2016, we have supported over 20,000 seafarers through various initiatives. As part of our sustainability initiatives, we also carry out several activities such as providing counselling services, medical screening, and distribution of food packs/meals to all vessel crew and captains. We have also hosted awareness sessions on a variety of subjects, including ocean protection, to ensure knowledge sharing among the crew. In our Jebel Ali Terminals, some of our services are available to the crew on board their vessels too.

3. WHY are you a member of ISWAN?

Jebel Ali International Seafarers Centre has a clear vision and wanted to be a member of ISWAN to have a strategic partner to create the desired support for the international seafarers’ society. Furthermore, ISWAN holds members with high-value standards who share the same vision and perhaps can collaborate with us in the future and add value to Jebel Ali Seafarers Centre here in Jebel Ali Terminals Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

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