ISWAN – Philippines to hold its inaugural seminar in Intramuros

June 07, 2024

Local and international organizations are invited to Intramuros, Manila this 4th of July 2024 to participate in discussions on seafarer welfare provision, the impact of decarbonisation, and the importance of family outreach in the maritime industry.

The seminar is hosted by the Associated Marine Officers' and Seamen's Union of the Philippines (AMOSUP), a local seafarers’ union and an ISWAN member, which is also celebrating its 65th anniversary next year. This inaugural event is shaping up to be a celebration of milestones and launchpad for upcoming events and initiatives.

The theme of this event is: ‘Seafarers: Supported, Empowered, Connected.’

Seafarers: Supported. The Philippines has a substantial presence in the maritime labor workforce. As such, welfare provision, both at sea and in ports, and locally and internationally, is imperative to support the global trade. Despite strides in holistic health and welfare initiatives, ISWAN helplines continue to see an uptick in contractual issues, abandonment cases, abuse, bullying, harassment, discrimination, and violence in the workplace. All these boil down to a dire need to review existing welfare initiatives, identify areas for improvement, and finding solutions

Seafarers: Empowered. The future of work continues to be defined by the adoption of technology and the industry’s approach to greener shipping, digitization, and automation. According to a study conducted by the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS), concerns such as the effect of automation on job opportunities, increased stress, decreases in minimum manning levels, increased paperwork, compliance, and workload are just some of the causes of anxiety surrounding the future of work. As a caveat, however, major technological disruptions have historically not destroyed jobs but shifted them. The challenge is to empower seafarers to take on upskilling courses and adopt lifelong learning to make sure that they simultaneously adapt to the changes in the industry.

Seafarers: Connected. It is undeniable that the motivation of most, if not all, seafarers is to support their family members ashore. With that, we recognize the role that family has to play in seafarers’ welfare – that they are a robust support system who can be better empowered to be active welfare allies through better awareness of the unique challenges seafarers face, effective communication strategies, and self-care techniques. It also goes without saying that ISWAN sees their importance and acknowledges their sacrifices while the seafarer is at sea.

Presentations and panel discussions will revolve around these themes, taking on a more proactive and solutions-focused approach. The event will provide the opportunity to hear from a range of industry experts, including shipping companies, management companies, training institutions, employer’s associations, labor unions, and welfare organisations. Each panel will also host at least one seafarer in attendance to ensure that the voice of seafarers is accounted for in every discussion.

The seminar is free and offers valuable opportunities for networking. Those planning to attend should contact Gem Lat, Communications Officer, ISWAN – Philippines, at

ISWAN – Philippines’ 2024 Seminar is sponsored by: Platinum Sponsor MCTC; Gold Sponsors CF Sharp Crew Management and Zodiac Maritime; Silver Sponsors Anglo-Eastern and Pacific Basin; and Supporting Sponsors Hartmann Crew Philippines, Bahri Ship Management, and International Maritime Employers' Council (IMEC); Venue Sponsor AMOSUP.

If you are interested in becoming an event sponsor, please contact ISWAN – Philippines’ Country Manager at
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