Member of the Month: BazePort

February 29, 2024
MOTM Feb 2024

At its heart, ISWAN is a membership organisation and we are proud to have a network of over 80 members who are committed to improving the lives of seafarers worldwide.

Our members reflect the diversity present in the shipping industry today, from shipping companies to unions and insurance groups to welfare organisations, and bring a wealth of experience.

Our Member of the Month this February is BazePort.

© BazePort

WHO are you?

BazePort was established in 2008 in Norway and has grown into a leading supplier of professional IP-based entertainment and information-sharing systems and licensed content (IPTV and Video-On-Demand).

Our services enhance a client’s ability to engage, involve, entertain and effectively share information with viewers (whether they be staff, guests or crew). We have a large client base in the hospitality, energy and enterprise industries, however, our largest and most important market is maritime. Here, BazePort provides a powerful and effective service that boosts Crew Welfare as well as a company’s ability to share information with its staff to support a culture of workplace inclusivity whether on land or at sea.

BazePort service is designed to work in remote and rough conditions and primarily functions offline. When connectivity is needed, for content and software updates, BazePort works intelligently to optimize bandwidth use. This optimizes satcom performance, whether using a L-Band, VSAT or LEO network.

© BazePort

BazePort offers on-demand content services, including the largest licensed movie library available at sea, as well as daily news and podcasts. Furthermore, the information publishing functionality enables user to easily upload and share their own content or data, ranging from low-level updates to full professional digital signage.

Our services include all hardware, software, content and support, whilst our customers’ experience remains our priority. Strong client-driven innovation and product development has ensured BazePort has now been adopted as the standard in several key market areas, as well as becoming the foundation for long and impactful service relationships that make a real difference to Crew Welfare.

WHAT do you do and why is seafarers’ welfare important to you?

We are passionate about seafarers’ welfare. Crew are so often the unsung heroes of our hectic consumer lives and expectations, without whom our quality of life would hugely diminish. Given we provide a service that really enhances the wellbeing of those who work at sea, we feel strongly motivated to support crew welfare.

Reports and market feedback further highlight that access to digital entertainment and information-sharing systems helps boost crew wellbeing. Good working conditions and quality onboard recreational time that reduces isolation makes for a safer working environment. A happier crew also means a more efficient vessel operation.

WHY are you a member of ISWAN?

We are proud to be ISWAN members and to support this brilliant organization that is dedicated to enhancing crew wellbeing. Not only do we offer a service that serves the same purpose, we can also contribute by making a positive impact in the bigger ‘Crew Welfare’ narrative.

To this end, our system is used to share the ISWAN service information onboard ships directly to crew. We firmly believe in being part of the larger collective movement that keeps crew welfare a priority for ship operators. By helping shine more light on this essential theme we hope to bring long-lasting and meaningful positive change to the modern seafaring experience.

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