Member of the Month: Hill Robinson

March 25, 2024
MOTM Mar 2024

At its heart, ISWAN is a membership organisation and we are proud to have a network of over 80 members who are committed to improving the lives of seafarers worldwide.

Our members reflect the diversity present in the shipping industry today, from shipping companies to unions and insurance groups to welfare organisations, and bring a wealth of experience.

Our Member of the Month this March is Hill Robinson.

© Hill Robinson

WHO are you?

Hill Robinson, founded in 2000 by Nick Hill and Niall Robinson, stands at the forefront of managing the operational intricacies of the world's largest yachts while maintaining a commitment to technical excellence across a comprehensive range of services essential to yacht owners. Beyond yacht management, our reach extends into aviation, new build and technical services, corporate and VAT matters, as well as pre-purchase inspection and survey.

With a global presence spanning Europe, the United States, the Middle East, and Australia, our team of over 250 multi-lingual professionals ensure round-the-clock coverage.

Our specialised management services now also include charter management, crew employment and payroll, recruitment, and training, providing comprehensive support to both owners and crew. Our dedication lies in delivering reliable and customised services with meticulous cost management, transparent communication, and an unwavering focus on safeguarding the interests of owners and their assets.

WHAT do you do and why is seafarers’ welfare important to you?

At Hill Robinson, seafarer welfare is at the core of our mission. We understand that crew are the backbone of the maritime industry, and their support and development should take center stage in yacht management. This is why we are committed to ensuring a positive experience at every single step of their career; from recruitment, to employment, to training.

Our Crew Services were designed to foster a supportive environment onboard, making sure that all crew feel valued and empowered throughout their yachting experience. That’s why our services extend well beyond standard human resource policies; our goal is to provide crew with the help and resources they need to not only survive in the industry but thrive in it. We do this by establishing clear contractual policies, procedures and guidelines that protect seafarers in their employment, through initiatives like mental health training with Seas the Mind, by fostering a supportive community with events and in-person outreach, and by simply being available for crew to steer them in the right direction when they are struggling. Seafarer welfare isn't just important to us - it's integral to everything we do.

© Hill Robinson

WHY are you a member of ISWAN?

As a company invested in enhancing the welfare of our crew and supporting charities that offer aid to seafarers, joining ISWAN aligns perfectly with our values and objectives. ISWAN's mission to promote the well-being of seafarers globally resonates with our own dedication to ensuring the holistic welfare of our crew throughout their maritime journey. By being a member of ISWAN, we aim to gain invaluable insights into best practices and policies that can further enhance our support systems for crew welfare, reinforcing our commitment to fostering a supportive and compassionate environment for seafarers under our care.

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