ISWAN Hardship Fund
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The ISWAN Hardship Fund is a small grants fund for Filipino seafarers and their families with a financial need. It is designed to provide one-time financial grants to seafarers in need, which could include medical or educational support of up to US$500. The fund is made possible by international maritime payment solutions provider ShipMoney, through their programme, ShipMoney Cares.


  1. The applicant must be able to prove they are a seafarer or a member of a seafarer’s immediate family (parent, spouse, child or sibling) by submission of the following documentation: Passport/ID card, seaman’s book.
  2. The seafarer or their family must be able to demonstrate some form of hardship that impacts on their livelihood/income, e.g. medical, education, livelihood
  3. All other sources of funding have been investigated before an application is made
  4. The maximum of US$500 can be administered
  5. A seafarer or their family member can only receive one grant in a calendar year

How to Apply

Applications for the ISWAN Hardship Fund must be submitted electronically on the application form, which can be downloaded below. The completed application form and a signed copy of the grant terms should be sent by email to

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Stay up to date with ISWAN's monthly email newsletter

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