This fund is currently closed and we are unable to accept any new applications. This page will be updated when the fund reopens.

We understand this is very difficult time for many families. For any further support, seafarers and their family members can contact our SeafarerHelp team at any time, 24 hours a day, using the contact details at

The SEF assisted with the medical costs for this young daughter of a seafarer (left: ISWAN's Jun Pablo)

The Seafarers Emergency Fund (SEF) is available to provide immediate, essential aid to seafarers and families of seafarers, who are directly involved in sudden or unforeseen crises. The fund may be needed to cover expenses such as psychological counselling, medical bills, repatriation and a number of other unexpected costs.

The SEF is available to welfare organisations and trade unions in order to provide seafarers and/or their families with the goods or services they need in an emergency. The fund is not intended to be used for long-term maintenance or for situations where other sources of relief are available, but each application is considered on its own merits, on a personalised and timely basis and with confidentiality.

This fund is made possible by grants from The TK Foundation, the ITF Seafarers’ Trust and Seafarers UK.


  1. Minimum grant of $250.00 USD – Maximum grant of $5,000 USD;
  2. The Applying Organisation is reasonably certain that alternative funding is not readily available locally or from other legally responsible parties such as ship owners, employment agencies, flag states or similar resources; and that a statement to such effect is included in the application;
  3. It is the responsibility of the Applying Organisation to provide/purchase the goods or services that will benefit seafarers or seafarers’ families. No monies from the fund may ever be given directly to a seafarer or family member.

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