Addressing the maritime recruitment crisis: Actions and recommendations from ISWAN’s 2023 Seminar

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This paper aims to build on the solutions identified during the ISWAN 2023 Seminar to provide a springboard for continued collaborative action amongst stakeholders to build a safer, more sustainable and more resilient maritime sector.

At its annual seminar in November 2023, ISWAN brought together representatives from across the maritime sector to take a solutions-focused approach to the increasingly acute recruitment and retention crisis that it faces. The seminar was framed in the context of the rapid changes that the maritime sector is undergoing and the implications that this has for seafarers and for the seafaring profession.

Expert panels from industry, academia, trade unions, welfare organisations and, crucially, active seafarers explored different facets of the problem and worked together to develop potential solutions. The resultant action plan builds on the solutions identified over the course of the day.

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