ISWAN Insights: Spotlight on SeafarerHelp (Q1 2024)

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ISWAN Insights: Spotlight on SeafarerHelp (Q1 2024)


An infographic sharing insights into the issues faced by seafarers and their families in Q1 2024 using data from ISWAN's helpline SeafarerHelp.

Data from the first quarter of 2024 from ISWAN's helpline SeafarerHelp points to the complex working conditions facing many seafarers.

In the context of a dangerous geopolitical backdrop, data from SeafarerHelp suggests that many seafarers are facing complex and stressful working situations at sea. Between January and March 2024, ISWAN saw steep rises in the number of seafarers contacting SeafarerHelp in relation to a range of contractual issues, including repatriation difficulties, unpaid wages, unfair dismissal and abandonment.

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