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Overweight - a guide for seafarers

Seafarers can calculate their Body Mass Index and take steps to look after their weight.

Today, activities at work are less physical, daily living tasks have changed and life, in general, is more sedentary. This is also true on board ships. Overeating, i.e. over-intake of carbohydrates, is another cause of weight gain - large portion sizes and high intake of drinks containing added sugars increase the risk.

People who are overweight are at greater risk of dying prematurely from chronic health problems, so it is important for seafarers to control their weight and prevent or reduce excess weight gain in order to avoid problems like hypertension, diabetes and heart disease.

This guide explains the health risks of being overweight and encourages seafarers to look after their weight. It provides a calorie guide for common foods, as well as practical tips on measuring Body Mass Index and waist circumference. It also explains the common illnesses linked to being overweight.

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