Seafarers' Emergency Fund (SEF) Eligibility Form


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You need to be able to answer Yes to all of the following questions, if not the application cannot be progressed and you will not be redirected to the Application Form.

As you have answered No, please follow this link to the online guidance documentation, then come back to this form once read.  

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Eligibility Questions

If you are not sure whether the person fits any of the criteria or you do not understand any of these questions, please contact

We are only able to accept applications from recognised and legitimate seafarers’ welfare organisations.

You can only apply on behalf of a person who has been employed as a seafarer within the last 12 months.

You can only apply on behalf of a seafarer, their spouse/partner or children. 

The fund cannot be used for long-term or ongoing health issues / permanent disability / palliative care / health issues with limited chance of recovery. 

The fund cannot be used for a problem that is no longer current. 

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